Who is Lanhawk

Just who is Lanhawk ? Thats a good question cause sometimes I do not even know the answer. Basically I am a middle age, single man who found the love of my life and she lives in the Philippines. Rather than move her to the United States ( which she was willing to do) I decided to move to the Philippines. We have started building a house with the plan of me living there on a permanent basis. My blog hopefully will be a vlog of my trials and victories trying to achieve that goal.
One of the ideas we decided to develop was to create a small home restaurant as a means to create income to pay the bills. Slowly the restaurant has gained momentum and is really starting to turn into a decent business.
Another method of social media that we use is the use of YouTube where we host most of our videos. You can find our channel here. https://www.youtube.com/user/Lanhawk59

I wish nothing but peace and love to all who come here and please feel free to asking my anything, I may not have all the answers but at least I will be the first to tell you that.

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  1. hi so i clicked on john doe name. i can see he is a hater and does nothing but run everybody down. you may do as you want but i would block him and delete his post. peace and good luck in the future. 2 more years and i’ll likely be living in bacolod also. thnx for videos

    1. I know who John Doe is, he actually is an Expat who lives in, believe it or not, Bacolod City. He actually gave me his name and cell phone number ( I think by mistake) when I did the video on the suicide at SM Bacolod Mall. I am not sure what his deal is but he seems to be a bit upset with Filipina. I have blocked him from my channel. He has the honors of being the first one.

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